We’re beginning with a walk, one that will take us down the streets of the city. Those we might pass everyday. The familiar - the buildings, the shops, the restaurant, the bars, the hotels, the clubs and the people - composing our perception of our urban environment.

Yet, when we observe our physical surroundings can we identify the sites that are enduring in contrast to the spaces that are changing? Are they empty or used, are they accessible, abandoned, public or private?
How can we find the space the city offers to us and how can we claim it?

Blühende Öde: Städtische Identitäten im Wandel serves as a material commentary on the exploration of urban space and its transformation in Berlin. The project reflects upon the existing and pandemic-related progressing extent of vacant spaces and addresses the effects, as wells as the potentials of this dynamic.

Taking place in Neukölln, the project realized in an exhibition format will be on view for a duration of four days, presented in three locations. The spaces will be located within walking distance to each other and map the district with an alternative focus - the unused spaces.

The exhibition addresses the phenomenon of limited accessibility to such vacancies in two ways: On the one hand, through the representation of critical confrontations in the form of artistic works and, on the other hand, by connecting and acknowledging the unused spaces in our urban environment.

To consciously discover and investigate the idle spaces that surround us in our everyday life and to stimulate a discourse about how to approach public accessibility to such spaces is of interest to the project.
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A project by Kunstbüro Hohmann und Heid

Concept, website and content by Marla Heid und Clara Jing Hohmann

Blühende Öde
Panierstraße 11
Weserstraße 157
Weichselstraße 17
Tellstraße 13
Laube Straße 1
Jansastraße 12
Donaustraße 119
Weichselstraße 67
Weichselstraße 66
Weichselstraße 15
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